Spirit of the Pioneer

BHS Student Newspaper 2008-09

Drama Department Brings Music To BHS

Posted by bhspioneerspirit on May 7, 2009


Scheduled performances include Friday and Saturday, May 8-9 at 7 PM and Sunday, at 2 PM in the former middle school auditorium. For a few weeks now the buoyant voices of the London cast of the musical Oklahoma! have been heard coming from Mr. William’s Room 8. In preparation of the upcoming Batesville High School production of said musical, Drama and Oral Communications classes alike have been studying the video with gusto.

“Thanks to the hard work of the director and the technical crew, the show’s clinics and auditions went along smoothly,” stated Mr. Williams.

To those who were right for the part, the lead rolls were awarded. Senior Andrew Cox received the role of Curly, along with Nick Daily in the role of Will Parker, Summer George in the role of Aunt Eller, Madison Neaville in the role of Laurey, and Betsy Ives in the role of Ado Annie.

“I’m so excited about being Aunt Eller!” exclaimed Summer. “It’s the part I was looking forward to getting. She’s my favorite character, and I hope I’ll do a good job.”

The cast performed for the high school on Monday, May 4. 



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