Spirit of the Pioneer

BHS Student Newspaper 2008-09

BHS Prancers Receive Recognition

Posted by bhspioneerspirit on May 7, 2009

By Taamasa Hyde and Halli Ray Taylor
Being on the dance team takes a lot of hard work, skill and dedication. This year, a group of girls gave one hundred and ten percent during all performances.


“Prancers try out in the spring for the following year. Tryouts consist of learning dances and perfecting skills including jumps, leaps, and turns. Students are selected for the team by out-of-town judges. Once the team is chosen, girls begin practicing for the following year. Mandatory practices and camps are held during the summer. Prancers perform for pep rallies, football and basketball games. They also compete at the AAA State Dance Competition held in the fall,” stated Mrs. Wilson, Prancer coach.

“This year’s team was the best, and our leadership was awesome. Team captains Amberly Green and Maggie Hance kept the practices serious and productive,” praised Mrs. Wilson. “It’s a lot of hard work being on the team and having to learn the dances but leading the girls and making sure they know the choreography along with helping them when they get confused adds a little more difficulty to being captains.”

Due to all the hard work and practice three girls received honors for their dance ability and dedication. AAA All-Star Dancers this year were Maggie Hance and Shea Wilkerson.

“My passion is dance, and I love how I can show my talent,” commented Hance.

Named also to the AAA All-State Dance team was Amberly Green. “I never wanted to be a cheerleader as a kid. I wanted to be one of the girls who danced at half-time. It looked like a lot more fun (it is!),” commented co-captain Green.

Mrs. Margo Baker is assistant sponsor to both the Prancers and cheerleaders.

Please see the next edition of the Spirit of the Pioneer for a feature on the new teams.


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