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BHS Student Newspaper 2008-09

2009 Yearbooks: An Unscripted Version

Posted by bhspioneerspirit on May 7, 2009


Yearbooks were handed out Friday, May 1 during lunch.

“I love this yearbook,” commented sophomore Mason Magouyrk.

Books remain on sale for $40. See Mrs. Gillmore for your copy.

This year’s theme was Unscripted. The theme is chosen by the previous year’s staff. The current yearbook staff is in the process of choosing the theme for the 2010 yearbook.

This year’s editors are seniors Tiffany Thatch and Nidia Medina. Both seniors bring multiple years of experience to the staff, Thatch with two years and Medina with three years.

“We do not offer Journalism III, so Nidia did not receive credit for her work, at least not on paper, but I give her and Tiffany a lot of credit. Both spent many hours creating this book, during class, during free time, and when deadlines were close, even after school. Both served as teacher’s aides in my room this year,” commented Mrs. Gillmore, yearbook sponsor.

“What few people realize are the number of hours each staff member spends on just one page,” explained Gillmore. “This is a labor of love, often a very stressful labor, at that!”

Other yearbook staff members include Briley Burdin, Tamara Edgin, Mara Espericueta, Megan Holifield, Sydney Lambert, Jill Limbaugh, Layne Parker, Hannah Sturch, and Casey Townsend.

“This is the best book we have created yet, one that could not have been produced without each person on this staff. A huge thank you goes to each of them,” commented Gillmore.

This book is submitted via five deadlines. For each deadline, the publishing company sends proofs for the staff to review. Thus, the staff must meet ten deadlines or pay fines for being late.


Actual cost of the book is approximately $100 per book. To offset this cost, in addition to creating the 252 pages, the yearbook staff also sells business ads and seniors ads to lower the cost book and make it more affordable for the students.

“Creating this yearbook is a real business. We create and produce an item for the public by meeting deadlines and raising the funds to pay the bills,” explained Gillmore.

If interested in being on the 2009 Yearbook Staff, please contact Mrs. Gillmore for an application. A preriquisite is Desktop Publishing. The yearbook is created using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Staff members must also attend a one-day camp this summer.


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