Spirit of the Pioneer

BHS Student Newspaper 2008-09

Principal Proud of Blue Ribbon Honors

Posted by bhspioneerspirit on October 9, 2008

By Halli Taylor

As a part of the No Child Left Behind program, the Blue Ribbon Award honors both public and private elementary, middle, and high schools that are excelling in academics, or show marked endurance in students and faculty members on high levels. 


After being nominated by the Arkansas Director of education Dr. Ken James, a past Superintendent of Batesville High School, and going through a vigorous application process, Batesville High is the only high school in the state of Arkansas to be awarded the Blue Ribbon..


Principal David Campbell expressed his appreciation to Mrs. Debbie Miller, Mrs. Dories Butler, Mr. Sparks, and Mrs. Lisa Huff for their assistance with the application process. 


“This is like winning the Academic National Championship.  Receiving the Blue Ribbon Award, number one, tells us that we’re a high performing high school.  It also says that we have a very dedicated staff,” commented Mr. Campbell. 


Only schools with students performing in the top 10% of both reading and math scores are considered high performing schools. 


“I want to educate our kids and the community about what it means to get the Blue Ribbon Award,” stated Mr. Campbell.


Each school that was a recipient in the U.S. will be honored in a ceremony in Washington D.C. on October 21, 2008.  Mr. Campbell, along with Mr. Qualls, Mrs. Summers, Mrs. Weygandt, and Mr. Russell, will leave on the October 19 to be present to accept the award.  


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