Spirit of the Pioneer

BHS Student Newspaper 2008-09

Another Blue Ribbon for BHS!

Posted by bhspioneerspirit on September 15, 2008

By Superintendent Ted Hall

Congratulations to the Batesville High School and entire district for the outstanding award of a Blue Ribbon High School. 


Blue Ribbon Schools Program honors public and private elementary, middle and high schools that are either academically superior or that demonstrate gains in student achievement to high levels.  In addition to being honored at a ceremony in Washington , DC , these schools serve as models for other schools throughout the nation. 


For Arkansas public schools, Dr. James nominates schools for the Blue Ribbon award.  Schools that are in the top 10% of schools in their state in both reading and math are considered high performing schools.  To be eligible, schools must make AYP for the previous two years as well as the year nominated. 


Only three schools in Arkansas were awarded Blue Ribbon status this year.  Batesville High School is the only high school in the state to receive the award.  This award is a direct result of the hard work of preschool – 12th teachers and students.  Students who are provided a rigorous level of study starting in the preschool and elementary schools have the conceptional knowledge to work at rigorous levels in the junior high and high school levels. 


Good work, folks.  Your time and dedication to our students continues to pay off in many ways.  Thank you from the board, central office administration, and principals.  It is an honor to work with you each and every day.


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