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Mrs. Russell Steps Down from Her Teaching Career

Posted by Casey on May 28, 2008

by Casey Townsend, sophomore

            After twenty years of dedicated service at Batesville High School, Mrs. Russell had decided to step down from her teaching career.

            “It’s time.  I’m ready to go on and do other things.  I plan to work with my husband.  It’s not that I want to leave.  I just want to do other things in life.  Every one here has been so nice to me!” stated Mrs. Russelll.

            Mrs. Russell began her teaching career in the town of Covington, Kentucky.

            “The teacher had a nervous breakdown or something, and he just quit!” said Mrs. Russell.

            They school needed someone to replace his job immediately.  Mrs. Russell said that she took the job for that last month of May when he quit.  She considered herself a drill sergeant and said that she “learned to be mean immediately!”

            Mrs. Russell taught for three years in Kentucky before moving to Arkansas.  Her husband found a job down here, and she decided to extend here teaching career here too.  Over the course of twenty-three years, she has taught English to eighth through twelfth graders.  She also taught yearbook for two years.

            Mrs. Russell’s favorite part of teaching was the fact that there was something new every day.  There were new everyday problems to be solved and new students every year giving new environments in her classroom.

            “I just enjoyed the element of the new,” commented Mrs. Russell.

            Mrs. Russell has seen many changes over the years that she’s taught.  When she first started technology was not as prominent in the school.  Computers were not found in every classroom as they are today.  Mrs. Russell also says that the problems that students face are different with every generation as well.

            “It’s my job to teach students to learn.  It’s the responsibility of the students to learn what they need to know,” stated Mrs. Russell.

            Mrs. Russell will miss the friends that she has made here dearly, and so the staff will too.  However, she feels that there is much more to life that she wants to experience.

            Mrs. Russell leaves the campus of Batesville High School with this comment, “Be good to each other, be wise, and decide to stick to something you can enjoy for your whole life ahead.”



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