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Little Shop of Boards

Posted by Casey on April 29, 2008

 by Jordan Burghart, junior

      Rob Holt

            Skateboarding is portrayed in the media as an extreme sport, a form of art, a hobby, and even a method of transportation.  Rob Holt is one of the 12.5 million in the world participate in skateboarding.

Rob Holt has always had an interest in skateboarding.  Like other teens his age, he played the average sports such as, baseball, soccer, and basketball, but he just was not having any fun. He began to take skateboarding seriously two years ago.

“Skateboarding to me is more of an art. It’s something different to do. Even though it’s getting pretty popular, everyone has different styles,” stated Rob.

Rob started his own skate shop, Little Shop of Boards, roughly a year ago.

“There’s not a skate shop close to Batesville at all, and my parents were tired of ordering stuff online or driving to Little Rock to get skate stuff,” said Rob.

Rob and his parents got an Arkansas state business license and a few distributors.  The business just grew from there.  “We don’t sell clothes or shoes, but we sell blank decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, risers, tools, and stickers,” said Rob.



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