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Yesenia Gutierrez: The World’s Newest Fashion Designer

Posted by cgalloway on April 28, 2008

By Casey Galloway, junior

    When we go shopping, we usually check out the latest stores with the hottest styles. We go to the mall and head into Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie and Fitch. But not Yesenia Gutierrez; she makes some of her own clothing items.

            Yesenia is a sixteen year old sophomore at BHS. She has been making clothes since she was about eight years old. Her mother would sew and when she got finished, she would leave pieces of fabric and textile lying on the ground or on the table. Yesenia would grab the pieces of fabric, take it to her room, and her and her sister would make clothes for their Barbie dolls.

            Ranging from shirts, skirts, and shorts, Yesenia began making her very own clothes. If she had to pick, her favorite article of clothing to make would be dresses. Why does Yesenia make her own clothes instead of going shopping like many other teens? “It’s just for fun mainly and just to know how to make clothing,” said Yesenia Gutierrez.

            Fashion designing is a great hobby to have if you are wanting to be creative. Who knows, maybe one of these days you may be buying some of Yesenia’s designs in a clothing store near you.










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