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The Nations Battle It Out

Posted by cgalloway on April 28, 2008

By Casey Galloway, junior

        At the beginning of January, students in Mr. Qualls’ classes became separate nations. Some of the countries range from Siciland, Numberone, J-Team, Vinland, and Eyelid. The Nations Game is a simulation in which students create their own nations and navigate through a world that recreates the twentieth century.

Six of Mr. Qualls’ classes are playing in The Nations Game. This makes 23 countries existing at the moment. No single country can lead. It’s all a matter of which country can achieve their national goal at the end of the game.

Countries enter into military alliances with each other and fight many wars. They also establish trade relations with each other and decide on whether to build up their military power or their economic power.

The world of Redo, the name of the “re-make” of our current world, is all about the students trying to re-create what has already been done in the world we live in today.

“The Nations Game is pretty fun, especially teaming up and trying to save our country,” says Kayla Treadway, a member of the country Number One.

“All countries have the potential to win, and all countries can lose,” says Mr. Qualls. “It depends upon each country achieving its goal”. At the end of the game in May, the surviving teams that have achieved their national goal receive bonus points.


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